Racketboy Podcast #20 – Forum Moderator Roundtable



This episode of the podcast features the racketboy.com staff answering questions submitted by a forum member who won the right to ask them in our recent charity auction to benefit Make-A-Wish.  The questions cover a wide range of topics about this site and its history, the culture on the forums, the state of modern gaming, and much more.  There’s even a little singing.

By the way, if you missed … [ Read More... ]

Nintendo Game Boy 101: A Beginners Guide

Game Boy 101

By Ack, Noiseredux, and Zen Albatross
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In 1989, Nintendo released the Game Boy, a grey brick of plastic with a green screen and only four audio channels.  Nintendo’s leadership believed it would be popular.  But it wasn’t just popular, it became a cultural icon.  Now the Game Boy is one of the most easily recognized pieces of machinery in the … [ Read More... ]

Tron: Legacy Review

Having seen it over Christmas, I thought I’d share with you some quick thoughts on the extremely late Tron sequel that hit cinema screens a few weeks back…

Going into the movie my memory of the original Tron was hazy. I remember enjoying it as a kid, but only really the CG sections. The confusing company espionage bits bored me to ignorance, so all the entire movie boiled down to … [ Read More... ]