Kirby’s Enthusiasm

To celebrate the release of Kirby’s Epic Yarn tomorrow, Nintendo has been spreading a little Kirby love to the streets of Elephant & Castle today – which, according to a recent poll, has been voted the greyest place in the UK by 32 percent of Londoners. 

As the poor denizens of E&C come to terms with the news, Nintendo and the Kirbster were thankfully on hand to inject a bit … [ Read More... ]

Platforming Games 101: Running, Jumping & More

Presented by Gamerforlife

The Racketboy crew is back with yet another ambitious effort to educate the masses on some retro-gaming (and even some modern gaming) essentials.  In this Retro Gaming 101 installment, we will be taking a lot at one of the most essential and popular genre in video games.  Platforming games really kick-started and pushed the 8-bit and 16-bit generations and the genre has remained an integral part of … [ Read More... ]

Games That Pushed The Limits of the Super Nintendo (SNES)

SNES Games That Pushed The Limits of Graphics and Sound

Presented by Radarscope1, MrGoodbytes, Ack,  Racketboy, and other forum contributors

In case you haven’t followed Racketboy very long, the Pushed The Limits series (see our NES, TG16, and Genesis installments)  takes a look at the games that truly made the most of a console’s hardware.   Over the years, I have been fascinated by the history of the various machines that have battled for our living rooms. Each machine … [ Read More... ]

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There are some truly fantastic games currently available on all the next gent systems, and each and every one of them is worthy of your hard-earned cash. Dead Space 2, Mario Sports Mix and Test Drive 2 Unlimited offer something for everyone and are all currently available to buy from

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