Racketboy Podcast #21 – Star Wars: Dark Forces Project Leader Daron Stinnett


Daron Stinnett, Dark Forces Project Leader

Daron Stinnett is a game industry veteran who is probably best known for his work at LucasArts.  Stinnett was project leader and programmer for this month’s Together Retro game Dark Forces and also worked on Falcon 3.0, the Western FPS Outlaws, the Star Wars Starfighter games, and a host of other well known titles.  In the interview, Daron reflects on his work on these games, talks about the relationship of Dark Forces to Doom and Wolfenstein, talks about the climate at LucasArts in the 1990s, and offers his thoughts about the future of the industry.


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Show Outline:

  • (excerpt from Dark Forces OST – “Opening Titles”)
  • Dave’s Intro
  • Interview with Daron Stinnett
  • (excerpt from Dark Forces OST – “Facing the Dark Trooper”)
  • Dave’s Outro
  • (Dark Forces OST – “Arc Hammer Destroyed and Finale”)

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