Racketboy Podcast #22 – PAX East 2011


Once again, the podcast ventured to PAX East to bring back interesting interviews for our listeners.  After some reflection by Dave and Nick about their experience this year, the rest of the podcast features interviews with a couple of the independent developers at this year’s show who were working on retro-inspired games.

Albert Reed, Studio Director @ Demiurge Studios – Shoot Many Robots

Albert Reed’s Demiurge Studios stared as a venture between college buddies and has had success working in the industry with some of the bigger developers.  At PAX East they were showing off their first in-house game, Shoot Many Robots, a run-n-gun/RPG hybrid.   Albert discussed the inspiration behind the game, the studio’s evolution and game making process, and his thoughts on PAX East.

Nathan Fouts, Founder of Mommy’s Best Games – Serious Sam Double D

Nathan returns to the podcast for the second year, this time to show off Serious Sam Double D, the game he was previewing at the convention.  Nathan discusses how he got to work with this classic IP, what he’s doing to make the game scale to 2D, what is going on with Grapple Buggy and other projects at MBG, and how to get a three year old to eat Broccoli.


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Show Outline:

  • (show theme music)
  • Dave’s Intro
  • Conversation with Nick (aka “Racketboy”)
  • (excerpt from Ed Rush & Optical – “Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)”)
  • Interview with Albert Reed, Demiurge Studios
  • (DoDonPachi Stage Clear theme)
  • Interview with Nathan Fouts, Mommy’s Best Games
  • Dave’s Outro
  • (“Super Metroid Ending” – Metroid Metal)

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Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)