Sonic CD on the way!

Yes the above logo says it all. Sonic CD is back and it’s heading to a number of digital services. Widely regarded by many fans as being one of the best games in the series, it introduced Metal Sonic to the world, featured a cool time-travel theme and had some truly excellent music. Providing you had the Japanese version…

Fortunately, Sega has seen amends and has added the excellent sound … [ Read More... ]

Hero Quest

As some of you may or may not know from our recent board game feature, I like board games. In fact I love them, almost as much (or maybe a little more than) videogames. I’m been slowly amassing a collection of new titles, as well as picking up some of my old favourites.

One such classic is MB’s Hero Quest, which was a collaboration with Games Workshop. Designed as a … [ Read More... ]

Street Fighter III: Third Strike now online

Finally, after a lengthy wait, Capcom’s super brawler, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, is finally with us. We’ve been waiting for this update for many months now and are delighted with the end results. Get past the horrible smoothing options (why can’t company’s do HD properly?) and you’ll discover that Third Strike is still an amazing fighter. The parry system remains one of the best examples of risk … [ Read More... ]

Tiger 101: A Beginner’s Guide 101

Presented by Ack
Part of the Retro Gaming 101 Series 

USA, 1997.  Nintendo had just proven with the Japanese Pokemon craze that its nearly 10-year-old Game Boy still had the ability to dominate the handheld market without even trying, keeping themselves afloat despite problems with their two most recent console releases, the Nintendo 64 and Virtual Boy.  Tiger Electronics, makers of hundreds of LCD handheld toys, wanted access to that … [ Read More... ]