Syndicate to return

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’re probably aware that Electronic Arts is resurrecting Syndicate.

It’s being created by Starbreeze Studios and will be taking the form of a first-person shooter. This has predictably kicked off a huge shitstorm on the internet, with people flatly stating that they won’t be buying it and that it’s bound to be rubbish.

While we’re of the agreement that … [ Read More... ]

Summer of the DIY Arcade, Part 1: The iCade

iCade Impressions and Mini-Review

Presented by Dsheinem

This past summer I decided to take a leap that a lot of retro gaming enthusiasts ponder, but far too few ever follow through with: I decided to add some kind of  dedicated arcade experience to my gaming setup.

I have long owned some very nice arcade-style fightsticks by companies like Hori, Agetec, and MadCatz, and swear by all of them for playing shmups or fighters on … [ Read More... ]

The Best Nintendo 64 (N64) Games Under $10

We’re continuing to update and expand our guides of the best cheap games for classic consoles and the N64 guide was very much in need of an update.  The N64 remains a very popular console on the secondary market, especially with the college-age crowd.   Because of this, it is becoming harder to find good prices on many of Nintendo’s biggest franchises.  Below you will find a lot of great games … [ Read More... ]

Renegade Ops = Old School Fun

Sega’s lovely PR, Stefan McGarry told me about a new digital release from them called Renegade Ops. It’s literally just come out on Xbox Live Arcade and is a twinstick shooter. Now admittedly, there are plenty of these already on the service, but Renegade Ops does look like a hell of a lot of fun.

It appears to be based on the classic Konami game Jackal and has some really … [ Read More... ]