Together Retro Game Club: Shining Force

Together Retro: Shining Force

 Presented by Ivo

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This month’s Together Retro title is a turn-based Strategy RPG, and part of the Shining series.

Shining Force’s Legacy and What Made It Special

The Shining series started as first-party Sega games with RPG elements (so Sega’s major RPG-based IP in addition to Phantasy Star). The games span several genres, the series debuted with that debuted … [ Read More... ]

The Rarest and Most Valuable 3DO Games

Rare and Valuable 3DO Games

We do our best to keep our Rare & Valuable series updated and useful, but we have been missing some of the more obscure consoles from our guides.   Our first step to filling in the gaps is by tackling the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer.   While there aren’t a lot of high-demand cult-classics on the 3DO like there is on more popular platforms, the console isn’t without its collectors and rarities.  … [ Read More... ]

Iconic machines remembered in the Classic Videogame Hardware eBook from Imagine Publishing

Fans of Retro Gamer’s hardware bookazines will be pleased to hear that they are now available to buy for Kindle. The Classic Videogames Hardware Genius Guide is available now for just £5.81 and features in-depth guides to some of the best computers and consoles of all time. The Amiga, Super Nintendo, PC Engine, Atari 2600 and ZX Spectrum are just a few of the machines featured, and all come with … [ Read More... ]

Summer of the DIY Arcade pt2: The MAME Cabinet & X-Arcade Tankstick

Presented by Dsheinem

In my previous entry, I discussed how I got the notion at the 2011 PAX East convention that it was high time for me to introduce some form of arcade gaming (beyond arcade sticks) into my home retro gaming setup.  My first foray into this – and something that would prove to be an incremental step – was the use of an iCade, a device that … [ Read More... ]