Cheap Thrills: “Last Stand: Union City”

Hello you cheap sons-o-bitches,

We know as gamers, we love to play games. Unfortunately this means having to work, so that we have more money to buy more games. However, this cuts into our precious game time. So from now on, We’re going to be posting some fun free games to play, so that you can get your game on (kinda like a free tour), without having to kill your wallet or you game time.

For our first free game, I chose a 2d side-scrolling survival horror game, Last Stand: Union City. This is the newest installment in the Last Stand series by Con-Artist Games.

In LSUC, you play a random survivor, you can choose a different look for them depending on what you want to look like. Then you choose different skill sets to suit your play style. Now this game can save progress to your browser, so that you can save and continue, which is good because this is a full game (not beaten in 2 hours), but when you clear your cache and cookies you’ll lose it all. You play with the increasingly common “keyboard to move, mouse to aim and shoot” set up that you see in a lot of flash-based side-scrollers. This game will require flash, so make sure you update before playing.

The game play basically consists of walking around looking for you sweetheart, killing zombies, doing side missions, finding weapons and food, killing zombies, wandering around, doing side missions… you get where I’m going with this. So basically, its like most games of the genre… kinda tedious. Graphics are okay for a flash game, same with the sound design. Requires a decent computer to really appreciate it. On low quality you can play it on a newer netbook and even though it will slow down sometimes, it’ll still be enjoyable.

All in all, I give this cheap thrill  a 4 out of 5.

Here’s the link:



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