DOOM 4 Screenshots Leaked or RAGE 2 Screenshots Leaked! (High Res)

Check out these leaked screens from id Software‘s upcoming DOOM 4!
…or are they from RAGE 2?

Are they real?
No one knows for sure… but this is what we do know…

id Software has made no official statement on these DOOM 4 screens.

Even id Software founder John Carmack, who has been active on his Twitter account has made no mention of DOOM 4.

Editor of Game Informer magazine Jim Reilly has tweeted yesterday that:
Bethesda says Doom 4 is not canceled.”

Hmm… interesting. Judge for yourself and check out these screens.
(click for high res screens)

Our take: Given the graphical quality of these high res DOOM 4 screen shots, I’d say these could definitely be running on ID TECH 5, potentially on a console like Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. These screens would indicate a DOOM 4 based on Earth. Unless its some sort of artificial atmosphere on Mars. The stages seem to lack a certain “demonic” or “evil” aura though, which is something that was pretty present in the original DOOM and DOOM II. Alternatively, these may not be DOOM 4 screens at all, and instead could be RAGE 2 screens. Both concepts are tantalizing to me as I would love to play a sequel to either one.

What do you think?

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