Gunstar Heroes Remix

As some of you may have already picked up, we’re really big Sega Genesis nerds here… and one of our favorite games on that system is Gunstar Heroes. It’s an action side scroller shoot’em up created by Treasure, Inc… mostly composed of former staff from Konami’s Contra series.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the game courtesy of Moby Games:

 Chaos has broken out on the planet Gunstar-9!!

The mad Colonel Red has discovered four crystals that imprison a deadly being known as GoldenSilver, and plans on unleashing it onto the population of the planet! He must be stopped! Enter...the Gunstar Heroes, Red and Blue!

Unleash some mad blasting action onto the Colonel's army and don't let him bring GoldenSilver to life!! The fate of Gunstar-9 is in your hands!

The game also had a pretty bad ass soundtrack. We were lucky enough to get an email this morning from our friend Mercurius FM with his remix of the music from the first level of Gunstar Heroes!

Check it out here:
Gunstar Heroes – Level 1 (Mercurius FM Remix) by MERCURIUSFM

Feel free to download it and enjoy it. It’s free. Mercurius FM tells us he’s working on some other VGM remixes and will share them with us in the future.

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