Rants: Cool Music to Blow Sh!t Up to

…And now for something completely different,

We did a segment on games with great music, this isn’t the opposite (necessarily), but this is when you don’t want the games music.

We’ve all played a lot of games where you run around blowing everything to high hell. Unfortunately, these games can sometimes have rather uninspired and just plain lame soundtracks. So, luckily the gods have seen fit to grant us … [ Read More... ]

COVER ART: Golden Axe II (Mega Drive)

Check out the European art for Sega’s Golden Axe II on the Mega Drive. This cover is  different than the Japanese release…

Golden Axe II originally came out in December of 1991. The US/EU cover art was created by Boris Vallejo. You can get this game on your Genesis/Mega Drive of course, and also on Xbox360, PS3 and iOS.

Golden Axe II wiki. [ Read More... ]

Cyan Worlds reveals RealMYST for iOS

Within the last couple weeks, Cyan Worlds has revealed 2 gameplay videos of RealMYST running on an iPad. As some of you may know, MYST (and Riven) is already on the iTunes App Store in its original, prerendered incarnation. RealMYST for iOS marks the first mobile port of RealMYST, which is rendered entirely in realtime 3D graphics.

Check out these 2 videos uploaded to Cyan’s official Youtube[ Read More... ]