Cyan Worlds reveals RealMYST for iOS

Within the last couple weeks, Cyan Worlds has revealed 2 gameplay videos of RealMYST running on an iPad. As some of you may know, MYST (and Riven) is already on the iTunes App Store in its original, prerendered incarnation. RealMYST for iOS marks the first mobile port of RealMYST, which is rendered entirely in realtime 3D graphics.

Check out these 2 videos uploaded to Cyan’s official Youtube channel:

This looks like a perfect game for the iOS and its touch screen controls. I think the graphics also look a bit enhanced, utilizing the iPad’s graphics horsepower. According to their site, it will support the iPad 2, iPhone 4, and presumably the iPod Touch 4th gen. Its planned for release during Spring of 2012.

Keep up to date with Cyan Worlds here.

Check out the official RealMYST iOS site here. 

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