Cover Art: Megaman on theTT NES (US release)

Hey everybody,

Imagine walking into a modern game store and asking to buy this…


Yeah…. That’s embarrassing.. although still slightly less suspect than buying a game with a young boy in tights and go-go boots.

Megaman is now officially in a new versus game! Street Fighter X Tekken! As an exclusive to PS Vita and PS 3, along with a bunch of other characters including Pac-Man in a Mokujin Mechsuit…. I swear I’m not making this sh!t up, I really couldn’t if I tried. But specifically, its Digger… aka Megaman from the first cover art….. Yeah…….

Kinda cool I guess, but seriously Capcom… WTF? Anyway, get the full info on all the PS exclusives here on the SxT site.


The World’s Forgotten Boy: The One Who Searches & Destroys

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