Pre-E3: Hitman Absolution

Hitman, a series known for its in-depth environments and unique combat, will soon be releasing its 5th installment, Hitman: Absolution. You’re back in the shoes of Agent 47, after his successful escape from his own funeral. 47 now finds himself being hunted by the police, and smack in the middle of a deep conspiracy. Once again you’ll utilize disguise and improvised weaponry like no other game. However this time, there is a certain emphasis on melee killing. You use many more improvised weapons even things as unusual as a bong. There will also be frontal instant kill moves now, instead of only being able to insta-kill from behind. They’ve made the game far more accessible and definitly more trigger happy friendly as well. But don’t be fooled, the hard-core fans will also be able to turn off alot of the features that help the n00bs, and will be able to do things the silent way too. Anyway, the game should make gamers new and old very happy, fingers crossed.



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