As you all know, we’re gonna be at Quake Con. One of the awesome looking games that will be on display there is Dishonored, from Developer Arkane Studios. This game really will have some power house skill working on it. To name a few, Harvey Smith, notable for his work on the Deus Ex series, Viktor Antonov, who designed City 17 in Half Life [ Read More... ]

Baby Soft Murder Hands Podcast Episode 11: QuakeCon 2012 Precast

Welcome to our 11th podcast… We talk about QuakeCon 2012 and some of the awesome events happening there. For those of you who don’t know, QuakeCon 2012 will be in Dallas, Tx starting August 2nd. It’s a giant lan party gaming festival and gaming convention featuring some of the brightest minds in gaming.

We look forward to hearing John Carmack speak, as well as Michael Abrash (of Valve and … [ Read More... ]

Playstation Move Steering Wheel Video

Sony has finally released a driving wheel accessory for the Playstation Move. Don’t ask us why it took so long to come out… I always thought it might be cool to use the Dual Shock 3′s built in motion controls as a steering wheel in Gran Turismo 5. Just out of pure convenience for casual play. This takes it a step further with a pretty good price … [ Read More... ]