Hitman Absolution: 47 Finds His Voice, Bateson Confirmed

It seems IO finally wised up, after a huge back lash to their idiotic recasting of 47, they finally brought David Bateson back for the 5th Hitman game, just as the gods had intended all along.

David Bateson (wikipedia)

Long time Hitman fans can finally stop sending death threats to IO and Square Enix, for their demands are met. Despite the worries, it seems Absolution is finding its way back on track. Thankfully, they are starting to realize that while broadening your fan base is all well and good, they shouldn’t just throw their hardcores, the people who made them who they are, to the wolves.

For those who don’t know, David Bateson has been the Voice of Agent 47 since the Character’s Debut in 2000, 47 was recast for the newest game, but IO has now  reinstated him to his rightful throne.

Bateson released this message to his fans as a triumphant fanfare for his return:

On behalf of BSMH and all the hardcore Hitman fans out there, “Welcome back Bateson, 47 just wouldn’t be the same without you”.



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