Beyond Retro: Sega Jet Rocket

Beyond Retro is a new section of the site dedicated to displaying really old video games. Some of these games don’t even pixels… some of these games aren’t even fun… but they paved the way for what we play today.

To start things off, we have what is considered by some to be the first “FPS” ever. Although you are supposed to be in a jet (rocket) plane, the game is played from the first person perspective and you do shoot things…. and it did come out circa 1970. The name of the game is Sega Jet Rocket. That’s right, creators of the 3D fighting game and the little blue hedgehog, Sega was making waves even in the 70s.

Here is a brief description of the gameplay found on SegaRetro, “Using controls mocked up to look like that of a cockpit, the player controls the jet by handle and aims rockets to intercept target areas such as fuel dumps, missile sites, island fortresses and air strips in a night mission. Pushing the firing button fires the rocket. When a target is hit, the rocket explodes and score (5 points per hit) is indicated. Ground impact explosions are marked by light and sound effects.”

Check out this high def video of Sega Jet Rocket taken in Amsterdam…

Jet Rocket displays the gameplay using 2 methods. One is a physical map to show you the world below you as you are flying. The second part of the graphics are generated via electro magnetic means which display streaks of light representing your rockets.

 Pretty cool!

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