Minecraft: Dishonored Mod

What could be better than playing Dishonored in Minecraft? Probably a lot of things unless you’re Swuu, creator of the Dishonored Mod for Minecraft. Complete with “Blink” and various other weapons from Bethesda and Arkane’s stealth action game, fans of both worlds should find plenty to like here.

Swuu announces, “The Dishonored Mod includes some many from the game, for example the Sword, the Pistol, Throwable Whale-Oil Tanks that explode, 3 Whalebone Charms with different abilities, and also the Rune “Blink” for teleportation.”

This Mod isn’t complete without the Minecraft Imperial City Map which recreates old London virtually. The map is seen in the video above which is demonstrating the Dishonored Mod.

Download the latest version of the Dishonored Mod for Minecraft

Download the latest version of the Imperial City Map for Minecraft

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