Silent Hill: Revelation 3D in Theaters Now

Prepare for a 3D ride through hell. Thats the tag line of the new Silent Hill movie that just hit theaters today. For fans, the most exciting part of this movie will be the soundtrack, which was, in part, composed by Akira Yamaoka, long time series music man. The other cool thing will be the production values of the film, especially in the make up and special effects department. There are a lot of elements used from Konami’s Silent Hill game series in the movie although the movie’s story doesn’t appear to be canon. This is of course the second Silent Hill movie, the first one got fairly mixed reviews. It also featured Akira Yamaoka’s music. Check out the trailer for the new movie below…

The gamers at Kotaku reviewed the movie with a fairly positive review. They summarized it like so…

Silent Hill: Revelation, like many video game to motion picture adaptations, is a tricky beast to judge. That’s especially true given the shadow it stands in. Those who enjoy the games will generally enjoy this particular big screen treatment, especially those who dug Silent Hill 3. Meanwhile, those who loved the first movie will be disappointed. Yes, it stays true to the subject matter, but it doesn’t have the sense of confidence, the bravado. Virtually no risks are taken.

Silent Hill: Revelation may be unoriginal, but it’s not offensive. And thank God the running time is reasonable; it’s only an hour and a half long. When judged apart from the game, just as just a movie… one that features a demonic little girl, crazy occultists, zombified nurses, a buffed up dude with a giant metal pyramid for a head sporting a an even bigger sword, all wrapped up in cheesy 3D… it’s pretty much the perfect thing to catch this weekend, since Halloween is right around the corner.

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