G.rev’s Dreamcast Shmup Under Defeat remastered for PS3

If you’re a regular reader of BabysoftMurderhands.com then you know we love our shootemups here. Back in 2005, Japanese game developer G.rev released a shmup called Under Defeat in arcades and shortly after on the Sega Dreamcast. Since then it’s been remastered with HD graphics and a few extra features for Playstation 3 with the name Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition! Although at first glance it appears to be your typical top down shooter affair, the cool feature with this one is that you get your traditional Japanese shmup gameplay but with the additional of using the other analog stick to aim the direction of your shot. These type of games are typically designed for “cocktail” screen arcade cabinets and this home conversion includes that for purists, but also has an adapted version of the game that takes advantage of a standard 16:9 HD TV. Rising Star Games have also added a new helicopter for this PS3 port, a CD soundtrack, all the previous DLC and updates, and more.

Official Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition Site

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