How to find Conan O’Brien in Halo 4

Back in April, Conan O’Brien visited 343 Industries‘ studio in order to learn about Halo 4 and do some voices for the game. Along with him he brought his long time friend Andy Richter. You can watch the skit hereHalo 4 is out now on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and has met very positive critical acclaim for its presentation and action. But we wanted to know if Conan O’Brien & Andy Richter really did make into the game… Fortunately, thanks to Mitchel at GameFront we not only know that he is in the game, but how to find him!

Conan O’Brien Halo 4 Easter Egg Video:

How to find Conan O’Brien in Halo 4:
In Mission 6: Shutdown find two marines standing near a forklift in the large loading bay, past a row of Warthogs. You’ll be on the search for a Pelican Dropship, don’t board it just yet. When you find the two masked marines, they’ll remain silent. Just wait and they’ll eventually start talking!

So there you have it! Halo 4 & the Conan O’Brien secret. Here’s hoping to Always Sunny In Philadelphia in Halo 5


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