Stan Lee’s Superhero iPhone Game “Verticus” Review

Stan Lee’s iOS gameVerticus” is out now and its quite good. In this game you play as a “superhero” called Verticus. He’s a superhero like Iron Man in that he wears a specialized suit to do his job. In this case, his job is to drop from the sky at high speeds, dodging The Obliterators until he gets to the core of Earth. The Obliterators are the evil aliens trying to destroy the earth. In the gameplay department, Verticus controls and plays very well. You can operate it with one hand if you’ve got the dexterity and because the game is controlled with your thumb and not the accelerometer, you can even play it laying down and in various positions. The sense of speed in the game is good with objects whizzing passed you as collect rings and orbs which earn you continues and new armored suits. There are also triangles which increase your speed as you fall even faster passing oncoming Obliterators. To make things more interesting, most Obliterators will stop you and require you to use the orbs you collect to continue. The farther you get, the more orbs required. There are also blue objects which slow you down and shake you up making it difficult to maneuver for a very short time. There’s enough variation to keep it interesting and a few tricks in place that keep it challenging. Each time you play, the level seems to randomly generate different obstacle patterns so you shouldn’t really play the same game twice.

Verticus looks great thanks to smooth graphics and animation coupled with its comic book styling. You could easily see graphics like this on current gen consoles. The menus and interface are also nicely designed. The story is started offer with a comic book style intro which elaborate the story of The Obliterators trying to destroy Earth. Stan Lee’s likeness and voice portrays your mission controller. Fun and interesting comments egg you on as you play the game.

Priced at $1.99, Verticus is a worthwhile investment for all types of iOS gamers. Verticus is a great mobile game with lots of challenge and replay value to offer. We highly recommend it.

Check out the Verticus trailer below…

Stan Lee’s Verticus available now for iPhoneiPad, & iPod Touch. According to the official Facebook page, they’re also planning on releasing an Android version of Verticus soon. Verticus was developed Controlled Chaos Media, a Dallas, Tx based game developer in conjunction with Moonshark & Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment.

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