Wii U Online Services Explained including Nintendo Network & Miiverse

Nintendo released a new video on their youtube channel detailing the online features and functionality of the Wii U console. The video breaks down how to get a Nintendo Network ID and how Miiverse will tie in with the games.

Each Wii U console will allow 12 Users per system with their own Mii Character. Each user’s Mii will store their own game settings, saves, bookmarks and play history. All the Mii’s are created under a master account for the Wii U called a Nintendo Network ID. This ID allows gamers to use the Wii U’s online features including Nintendo eShop, Miiverse, Nintendo TVii and Wii U Chat. Each Mii profile under the Nintendo Network ID will also be able to use these features. Nintendo Network is a free service and will require users to download an update once they get their Wii U console to enable the Nintendo Network functionality. Although Nintendo Network is a product of Nintendo, it will allow other game publishers and developers to integrate their online features with it for a more cohesive online experience. Furthermore, the Nintendo Network will also be compatible with future Nintendo hardware. In a year from now, Nintendo says the Nintendo Network and Miiverse will also be compatible with computers and smartphones.

The Miiverse is a social network for Nintendo gamers. It will allow gamers to communicate via a message board like system via traditional text comments and drawings. It will also feature a direct messaging system and other familiar social networking features. Miiverse also includes an interesting feature to allow users to hide what they post in a thread and require readers to opt in to seeing it. This is to protect them from seeing a “spoiler”. Other users can also flag a post as a spoiler. All games will support Miiverse at the system level, allowing you to pause your game and pull it up. Developers can also create specific functionality for Miiverse such as leaving comments in the game during difficult parts of a level. Another example is in Nintendo Land, users can walk around and display thought bubbles of a message or drawing.

Nintendo also demonstrates the functionality of using the Wii U to not only play games on your TV, but on the handheld screen. In the example, the gamer is playing on his TV, goes to get some tea and sit down in a different room with the Wii U controller and continue his game seamlessly. Then he pauses the game, uses the Wii U internet browser to check something online. He then proceeds back to the couch and watches a live soccer game, whilst playing a game on the Wii U controller.

For the many of you upgrading from the Wii, Nintendo warns against getting rid of your old Wii until you’ve safely moved your current Wiiware, Virtual Console games and save data to the Wii U. More details on that will be announced soon on the actual process.

Watch the full Wii U internet features video below…

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