Look Out Steam… Amazon’s Got Cheap Games Too!

We all love Steam’s sales, but Amazon is playing hardball with its own PC digital download store. Normally, we always recommend Amazon.com for console video game purchases as the first choice, primarily because their prices tend to be lower, plus they offer free shipping and don’t charge tax.

Amazon PC Download Sale

So what PC game download deals does Amazon have? Here’s some of our picks:

•Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition $17.99 (normally $39.99)
What I like to call “modern day Diablo.” Despite being console born, Dark Souls is the type of dungeon crawling RPG that PC gamers love… except better. Beautiful graphics & presentation coupled with an in depth combat and leveling system have made Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition a hit with PC gamers. Now you can get it for really cheap!

Just Cause 2 $3.79 (normally $14.99)

Do you like to blow shit up? Do you love GTA but just wish you were in tropical paradise instead? Just Cause 2 might just be for you. It’s a fun explosion packed action adventure game that places you in the middle of a gang war on an island. Your job? Cause chaos using any means possible… Get it for a ridiculously low price.

Torchlight $4.99 (normally $19.99)
Created by ex-Diablo developers, Torchlight delivers a top down PC RPG that not only shakes Blizzard’s throne, but for some, makes Runic Games the new king. Despite its cartoony appearance, Torchlight features 3 character classes, animal assistants, and randomly generated levels… all of which make Torchlight a choice selection for even hardcore RPG fans.

Scribblenauts Unlimited $7.49 (normally $29.99)
If you’re not looking for a deep dramatic story and enough gore to fill a hotel pool, then the cute Scribblenauts Unlimited might appeal to you. Puzzles and zany action have made this game a hit. Also, on the PC, it supports Steam Workshop, so you can trade items in the game. You can get this brand new game for under 8 dollars.

Deals are changing often on Amazon. Some of the previous PC download deals include:

Borderlands 2 $29.99 (normally $59.99)

Guild Wars 2 $29.99 (normally $59.99

Darksiders Franchise Pack $13.19 (normally $39.99)

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