Pokémon3D Remakes Your Gameboy Childhood as an RPG FPS

With Nintendo (in)famous for remaking its old games in 3D, it’s impressive to see what’s been made so far with Pokémon3D. Just one thing: It’s not being made by Nintendo. Heck, its not even official. Thank goodness for the Germans because Nils Drescher AKA nilllzz has been hard at work making Pokémon3D a reality.

Check out this gameplay of Pokémon3D below…

Pokémon3D is a work in progress. Its free to play and being developed for Windows. At first sight, it looked to me like it was based on the Doom engine, similar to how Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch was, but the creator says it’s being developed with the .Net Framework and XNA Framework (common Microsoft programming sets). This makes it all the more impressive. Although this isn’t the first nor only amateur attempt at bringing the world of Pokemon to polygons it definitely seems the most fleshed out. He’s also made some good design choices, for example choosing to make the graphics 8-bit which will make the game look nostalgic rather than attempt to make  high quality 3D graphics that will be compared with contemporary games. It can be played from the first person perspective or from a 3rd person perspective.

You can keep up with dev updates for this Pokémon homebrew game at the Nilllzz’ Tumblr blog.

You can download Pokémon3D from the above and from IndieDB.

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