Video Game Comedy Tube: Mario Warfare Episode 1

Mario Warfare

What would happen if 2 of highest selling video games franchises of all time were juxtaposed into an action packed TV series? Mario Warfare is what. It’s the latest web series by independent film producers Beat Down Boogie blending elements from classic games like Mario Bros with modern games like Call of Duty. It was posted about 6 days ago and has already gained over 1.7 million views. You can watch the first episode below…

Mario Warfare’s production values are good, taking itself seriously during the action sequences… although certain elements have been left purposely campy which keeps it lighthearted. The creators are running a Kickstarter to fund more episodes, but they’re not asking for a lot (compared to some Kickstarters). They made a short video explaining their plan:

Kickstart the production of the Mario Warfare web series

Beat Down Boogie Official Youtube

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