What’s Adam Sessler Been Up To?

For many, Adam Sessler was a beacon of gaming logic and enthusiasm from the late 90s through the 2000s. He went from ZDTV to TechTV to G4… surviving company mergers and reorganizations. He co-hosted shows Gamespot TV, Extended Play and finally X-Play. Notable for enthusiastic personality and comical approach, he eventually left G4 and has kinda been off the grid since. Yesterday, G4 announced the cancellation of X-Play and Attack of the Show, the last of its gaming programming. This doesn’t really come as a surprise, and isn’t really a loss to most gamers since the station had steadily declined from its once quality gaming programming down to the lamestream programming it currently runs. But it all started for most people with Adam Sessler.

Adam Sessler on Revision 3

He’s now joined a technology media company called Revision 3 based out of San Francisco (ironically where TechTV started). Their programming revolves around high def gaming news and videos broadcasted via their Youtube channel and website. So far Sessler is doing video shorts that have a podcast/vlog nature where he gives his opnions and views on current gaming trends and news. He’s also doing some comedy skits as can be seen below in this video where Adam Sessler gets introduced to the gaming team at Revision 3.

Here’s the latest episode of his opinion section currently titled “Sessler’s Something“…

Pretty funny stuff and interesting stuff. Adam Sessler will also be doing an video AMA style Q&A session with fans on Google+. It’s scheduled for next Tuesday and you can get the deets here.

Rev3 Games Official Youtube

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