Cover Art: SimCity (SNES)

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SimCity was a huge game for Mac and Amiga back in the late 80s, it also made it’s way to other platforms including PC DOS and the beloved Super Nintendo. While the original SimCity was developed by Maxis (now a part of EA) in 1989, the SNES version came out in 1991 and was developed by Nintendo.

SimCity Snes

The Super Nintendo version of SimCity was unique from all the others because it had some new features and gameplay adjustments made by Nintendo. Some of those things are brand related, such as replacing the monster disaster with Bowser from the Mario series. There was also a Mario statue to unlock, graphics changing with the seasons, city advisor Dr. Wright, new scenarios and more. Definitely worth checking out, and right in time to get pumped about the new SimCity game coming out this year.

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