Keiji Inafune’s Soul Sacrifice Release Date Announced

Soul Sacrifice, which is looking to be one of the Playstation Vita’s killer apps, now has a US release date, US box art, and a pre-order special. Sony announced via their Playstation blog these details and more.

Soul Sacrifice US box art
Soul Sacrifice US Box Art Playstation Vita

Gamers who pre-order Soul Sacrifice will get 2 in game costumes & 3 magic items which won’t be sold separately. You also get the Japanese voice pack, which will be sold later as DLC. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Soul Sacrifice is a game designed by Megaman co-creator, Onimusha & Dead Rising producer Keiji Inafune. It’s music is being created in part by Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger). Soul Sacrifice game pits the player in difficult action based gameplay where they have to sacrifice parts of their body to perform deadly attacks. These body parts you sacrifice apparently remain gone so your character is not simply an unlimited powerhouse.

Soul Sacrifice Playstation Vita screenshot 2 Soul Sacrifice Playstation Vita screenshot 1

Keiji Inafune expressed his excitement for the game saying, “I have put all my passion and soul into the game’s concept and my talented team has made an incredible effort to create the best game it could ever be. I’m confident that we’ve created an extremely engaging game that you will enjoy playing.” He continues, “The game has become nothing like any other game with an original and deep world settings which could only be possible in a dark fantasy environment. I’m looking forward to you being able to experience the unique adventure of real heroism in Soul Sacrifice.”

The US release date for Soul Sacrifice is April 30th, 2013 and it will be available exclusively for Playstation Vita. It is being developed by SCE Japan Studio in conjunction with Comcept and MarvelousAQL.

Soul Sacrifice Official Site

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