Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for Wii U Release Date Announced + New Trailer

If you own a Wii U and want an awesome game for it, Capcom is answering the call. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate finally has a solid release date for North America.

Check out the new trailer Capcom released announcing it…

Some key gameplay points…

  • Hundreds of weapons and armor to make
  • Over 200 quests
  • Multiplayer online (up to four players) on Wii U
  • Multiplayer locally using up to four 3DS or a combination of up to three 3DS and one Wii U.

Monster Hunter 3 Wii U Release Date

This will be the first home console release of Monster Hunter since 2009’s Monster Hunter Tri on the original Wii.

US Release Date: March 19, 2013
European Release Date: March 22, 2013

You can watch even more MH videos on the official Monster Hunter Youtube channel.

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