Next Weekend Players Will Get to Try Out the New SimCity Beta

SimCity 2013 Beta

EA Games first announced the new SimCity reboot to be released on March 5, 2013 in the US and March 8, 2013, in Europe. However if you can’t wait until March there is a SimCity Beta right around the corner. EA and Maxis have announced a SimCity Beta in which users can test SimCity from Friday, January 25,2013, to Monday, January 28,2013. Players who are interested can sign up now to be part of the SimCity Beta testers. The SimCity Beta will only be a one hour demo though and is only for PC users. Thankfully the full version of the new SimCity will be out in only a few months.. So the wait isn’t that bad. If you would like to join the beta testers and get your hands on the hour of SimCity play time sign up for the SimCity Beta download.



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