Possible Quantic Dream Next Generation Playstation 4 Game


Quantic Dream is the amazing developer behind some hit games such as OMIKRON: The Nomad Soul for the PC and the Sega DreamcastFahrenheit (also known as Indigo Prophecy in the US) for the PC, X-box, and Playstation 2Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3, and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls also for the Playstation 3.  We had heard that the French developer Quantic Dream may be making a new game for the Playstation 4, called Singularity. Quantic Dream founder and president David Cage also has ties to Singularity. Cage had recently explained that Ray Kurzweil’s novel The Singularity is Near was a huge influence for Quantic Dream’s “Kara” tech demo from the 2012 Game Developers Conference. Back in November of 2012, Quantic Dream registered the domain ‘singularityps4.com‘ which matches past domains ( heavyrainps3.com and beyondps3.com) that were also bought by Quantic Dream. This domain could also be hinting towards the Playstation 4 not being  named Orbis. Well, we shouldn’t be waiting long to find out though since Sony will be holding a press conference un March of 2013 to unveil the new system.  Although Quantic Dream’s possible next generation hit for the PS4 may not be called Singularity  at all. Since Raven Software’s 2010 shooter ‘Singularity’ already has it and Activision holds the trademark for such name.


Here is the Official E3 Heavy Rain trailer


The Official BEYOND: Two Souls E3 Trailer


And the Kara Tech Demo from Quantic Dream at the Game Developers Conference







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