Rad Jams: Kavinsky – Protovision

Kavinsky Protovision GTA5

Got a thing for the undead and classic Italian super cars? Well, you can get your Ferrari-Zombie fetish on with the latest track by French producer, Kavinsky. Kavinsky is a dead person who haunts the streets while driving around in a Ferarri Testarossa… at least that’s what his music videos imply. Check out his latest killer tune, Protovision, and it’s music video below.

Kavinsky is popular in the electro music scene, rising to notariety with colleagues like Ed Banger RecordsJustice & German techno star Boys Noize. Most recently, he’s been announced to be a part of the soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto 5, appearing on the radio station Nightride FM (also the name of one of his previous songs). Not only will his music make it in the latest GTA game (again), but he’ll actually be the radio DJ too. Excited? Cool. Protovision is the first single off his upcoming album entitled Outrun. We wonder if he ever played the Sega arcade game Outrun

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