Shadow of Colossus Movie Now Has a Producer, Director & Writer

Shadow of the Colossus Film

Josh Trank will be directing the upcoming Shadow of Colossus movie with Kevin Misher as a producer. They also now have the writer from the 2011 movie Hanna, Seth Lochhead. Hanna is a British-German thriller action film that contained fairy tale elements. Shadow of Colossus was released in 2005 as a Playstation 2 exclusive and sold over 900,000 copies the U.S. It was also released for PS3 last year as part of The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

Shadow of Colossus follows the story of a young warrior trying to bring back his fallen love, within the presence of an ancient mysterious temple… By slaying giant creatures known as Colossus.

Here is a trailer for the film Hanna

By watching this trailer I actually get a hope this may be a decent Shadow of Colossus movie. I really hope for once Hollywood actually makes a good video game movie maybe, just maybe, Shadow of Colossus could be the one. Currently,there are no actors announced for the Shadow of Colossus film and no release date yet. It is unknown Team Ico will have part in the production of this film.

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