Square Enix created a PlayArts Metal Gear Hideo Kojima Raiden Figure


Square Enix does more than make video games and publish manga as Gangan Comics, they also create beautifully detailed collectible ‘PlayArts‘ figures. The upcoming Kojima Productions game Metal Gear Rising will be getting a PlayArts Raiden figurine.  However to mark the release of Metal Gear Rising Square Enix sent Metal Gear series creator, Hideo Kojima, a custom one-of-a-kind Raiden figure with his face on it. Very quickly after receiving his gift Hideo Kojima tweeted photos of his miniature head on the body of a PlayArts Solid Snake figure, he named this Hideo Snake. On a related note Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be released February 19, 2013, on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Here we have some photos Kojima tweeted of his Hideo Raiden (and Hideo Snake) PlayArts figurine..

HideoKojimaCustomFigureBoxFigurePlayArtsSquareEnixCustomBabySoftMurderHands HideoKojimaRaidenFullBodyFigureFigurePlayArtsSquareEnixCustom MGSHideoKojimaRaidenFigureFigurePlayArtsSquareEnixCustom HideoSnakeFigurePlayArtsSquareEnixCustom

Oh, Hideo Kojima… What will you do next?

Hideo Kojima’s Official Twitter

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