Too many FPS developers forget about split screen play on consoles

Local Play Split Screen Multiplayer Couch

I love first person shooters, ever since I played Doom on DOS 20 years ago. Since then, FPS’s have changed substantially over the years, from squad based gameplay to massively multiplayer online and much, much more. While I agree with purists that the best way to play an FPS is with a mouse and keyboard (and soon the Oculus Rift), I’ve embraced console shooters as well. I regularly … [ Read More... ]

Remember Me Release date and Gameplay Trailer Video

remember me capcom screenshot dotnod entertainment

The upcoming Capcom game ,Remember Me, is an Action-Adventure game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, a new French video game developer. A lot of the guys who started  DONTNOD Entertainment used to work for Ubisoft, too. Remember Me‘s story looks pretty interesting.. It seems to be about an amnesiac woman called Nilin in Neo-Paris, 2084. She was a ‘Memory Hunter’, before she lost her memory, and … [ Read More... ]

Cliff Bleszinski gives the smack down to cheapskates

Cliff Bleszinski blog dlc microtransactions

In a recent blog post, former Epic Games designer, Cliff Bleszinski, gave his thoughts and views on micro-transactions, DLC, and free to play business models. He makes several good points regarding consumers unrealistic expectations towards game pricing. He also explains the purpose of DLC and continuous income for a game once it’s released.

Here are some notable quotes.

On the cost of making a game and what the consumer … [ Read More... ]

Quakecon 2013 Announced

Quakecon 2013 c

id Software’s yearly event has finally been announced. Quakecon is one of the world’s largest LAN parties often called the “woodstock of gaming.” Fan’s of id Software and Bethesda are the focus here, although there are all types of games being played in the BYOC room. That’s Bring Your Own Computer. Besides that, id Software usually shows off something new and juicy for fans including panels with … [ Read More... ]