Remember Me Release date and Gameplay Trailer Video

remember me capcom screenshot dotnod entertainment

The upcoming Capcom game ,Remember Me, is an Action-Adventure game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, a new French video game developer. A lot of the guys who started  DONTNOD Entertainment used to work for Ubisoft, too. Remember Me‘s story looks pretty interesting.. It seems to be about an amnesiac woman called Nilin in Neo-Paris, 2084. She was a ‘Memory Hunter’, before she lost her memory, and she wanders through this futuristic world to find out why. However in this game world, people buy memories, as in everything is fake. Interesting, no? I’m excited to give this game a try. Remember Me’s official release date is June 4, 2013, and it will be available on the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

remember me capcom gameplay screenshot dotnod entertainment

Remember Me official trailers..

For more information and gameplay footage 0n Remember Me, check out Kotaku’s article here.

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