Sony Announces Playstation Vita Price Drop in Japan

Sony Announces Playstation Vita Price Drop in Japan

Today, Sony announced to Japan, via video stream, that the Playstation Vita will be reduced in price. This reduction should not as a surprise to our readers, because we kinda called it a week ago. The price cut is a substantial one, as they’ve reduced the Playstation Vita 3G/Wifi price about 10,000 Yen in price, which is just a bit more than 100 USD. Since the current US price of the Vita is $299, that means we could be looking at a price of $199 in the very near future. The price change will be effective starting February 28, 2013.  It will also be available in 4 colors in Japan: Crystal Black, Crystal White, Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue. Japanese audiences can also get the Vita in Ice Silver as a part of a Phantasy Star Online 2 bundle.  Finally, there will also be a blood red edition which comes bundled with the much anticipated game, Soul Sacrifice.

Soul Sacrifice Playstation Vita Playstation Vita Phantasy Star Online 2

Let’s hope the Playstation Meeting 2013 brings us news of a Playstation Vita price drop in addition to PS4 news. This price drop, along with the new titles on the way, will finally put the Vita in a competitive position with the Nintendo 3DS.

Playstation Japan site announcing the Vita’s new price

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