Cover Art: Metal Gear Solid (Game Boy Color)

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With all the MGS talk, we thought it would be cool to feature the cover art of Metal Gear Solid for Nintendo’s Game Boy Color. Under guidance from Hideo Kojima & his staff, the game was developed by TOSE, who are known for their DBZ games in Japan on the Super Famicom and more recently, the Resident Evil series on 3DS. It was published by Konami.

cover art metal gear solid gameboy color

Although somewhat forgotten, Metal Gear Solid for the Game Boy Color is among the highest rated games of all times. Telling a new version of what happened after the original Metal Gear, it’s played in top down 2D, harkening back to the series’ retro roots on the NES and MSX. Although Kojima supervised the direction of the game and one of his staff wrote the story, MGS for the GBC is not part of the series canon.

Metal Gear Solid Game Boy Wiki

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