Epic shows off NEW Unreal Engine 4 real time demo on PS4 & PC

At GDC 2013, Epic Games displayed a real time demo of their highly anticipated Unreal Engine graphics technology running on Playstation 4.

Check out the Unreal Engine 4 Elemental demo running in real time on the PS4

Compared the Unreal Engine 4 on PC vs PS4

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It looks pretty good overall, but is noticeably less smooth than the UE4 Elemental PC demo shown last year. It looks like the shading is a bit more harsh, we also noticed little bits of aliasing, and it seems to not have the focal point effect that the old PC demo had. With that said, this is an early build for a console thats not out yet, so after a few more months to bake and get optimized, it’s very possible the PS4 will be able to match the quality of the PC demo.

Epic also showed off a brand new, futuristic Infiltrator demo of the Unreal Engine 4 running on a PC with the GTX 680.

The screenshot shows off the Unreal Engine 4 Infiltrator demo running on a PC with the GTX 680
Unreal Engine 4 PC GTX 680 real time infiltrator demo

This demo aims to be more impressive, offering us a nearly Pixar quality of graphics in real time. Lots of smoothing and lense effects work to make the video look really cinematic. The fact that this demo is running on current PC hardware is nice and only means that as new hardware comes out, the Unreal Engine 4 will scale to get bigger and better.

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