From the Co-Creator of Counter-Strike: Tactical Intervention

Counter-Strike is a great game and many still play it. Heck, we even recommended it recently in our “Top 5 Cheap Online Multiplayer FPS” list. Well, get ready for the next level. It’s called Tactical Intervention and it’s being made by one of the creators of Counter-Strike. Did we mention it looks awesome? Yeah, it’s a lot like Counter-Strike except way more modern and really action packed. Things like taking body shields, rappelling, driving and more. And get this: it’s free to play.

Tactical Intervention Screenshot 1

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The creator of Tactical Intervention, Minh Le, used to mod under the name “Gooseman” and then got hired by Valve. He left the company back in 2006 after Valve had cancelled development of Counter-Strike 2. Since then, Minh Le has been in South Korea working with FIX Korea on his next game, Tactical Intervention, with a team of just 5 people for the last 6 years. In a lot of ways, Tactical Intervention is kind of a spiritual sequel to Counter-Strike, which includes all the features he always wanted to add to Counter-Strike. He’s also added in attack dogs, user specified spawn points, vehicle VIP escort missions, hostage missions, not to mention to the usual terrorist versus counter-terrorist modes. The most popular mission in Tactical Intervention so far? Counter-terrorists transport and protect a VIP with a valuable briefcase while the terrorists attack the transport to kill the VIP; then steal the briefcase and get away in a helicopter. Interestingly, the game is running on an upgraded version of Valve’s Source engine which gives it some nice looking, modern graphics.

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All of that will be free to play, thanks to publisher OGPlanet, a decision which wasn’t up to Minh Le, but ultimately enabled his game to get the green light. This may cause some concern for gamers since often times the free to play business model usually means a gap between free players and paid players, but the good news is that all stages and gameplay features will be included with the free game. New stages will added, for free. The microtransaction business model will be used only for player gear, which if you’re a Counter-Strike player, you should be familiar with. Although you didn’t use real money in CS, you only got gear if you won and made kills. A similar system will be in place for free players, but if you’re in a rush or think that the biggest gun always wins, you can buy that weapon (just like you would if you were a real person). The specifics of this system are still secret, but details about it should become more public soon since Tactical Intervention is beginning a new closed beta testing this month. Joystiq is giving away 6 thousand Tactical Intervention beta keys. Beta testing has already begun and will end on March 8, 2013.

Tactical Intervention Gameplay Trailer

Tactical Intervention will then enter open beta on  March 14, 2013 until March 28, 2013Tactical Intervention’s release date is March 28, 2013.

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