Kojima Suggests ‘Pilot Episodes’ For Next-Gen Development

Hideo Kojima Pilot Episodes Next-Gen Development

Hideo Kojima says that game developers could release ‘TV style pilot episodes’ for upcoming games on next generation systems to see how the episodic game content does before spending three to four years on a project. When Edge interviewed Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima he told them ‘that next-gen development could be more social and based on user feedback’.

When Kojima was asked whether new consoles could mean bigger development teams, he replied..
“It’s possible to make many things more realistic, but that doesn’t mean you should. You have to prioritise, and that is what’s going to separate the teams that succeed from the teams that don’t. A very deep, 20-30 hour game might need a bigger team and take three or four years. [But] I think there’s a different way of tackling this problem: something similar to a TV series, where you can use pilot episodes to test the waters before you jump completely into the project… It can be distributed via download channels, so the player can try it out before production continues. Something like that wouldn’t take that long to create, maybe a year, and if it’s successful, you can continue.”

Kojima also added the idea of next-generation consoles encouraging greater community interaction during the development process. “I think there’ll be a social aspect to game creation, because it will be more interactive. You’ll get user feedback, and I think there’ll be this back-and-forth between users and creators.”  Kojima was speaking as part of Edge Magazine’s ‘cover feature‘, which will be out on March 14.


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