New Gundam Breaker video shows release date & lots of mecha action

Gundam Breaker namco bandai ps3 vita 3

Gundam Breaker is the latest Gundam game to be released for PS3 in Japan and possibly, the most ambitious one yet. If you were a kid in the 90s, or even a giant robot fan, you probably watched Gundam. Part of the Gundam world is collecting models of the mecha, or mobile suits, from the series. This hobby is called “gunpla“. Gundam Breaker takes that concept and turns it into a multiplayer game. It allows you to choose a mobile suit from the massive Gundam universe (spanning over 30 years); then you can mix and match parts from different units. This allows you to make never before scene combinations of Gundams. To make things more interesting, since you are fighting with virtual models, there are models of different sizes. That includes the regular “Real Grade” models which are about 6 inches tall and the “Perfect Grade” models which are about 13 inches tall. This makes for interesting battles across large maps where players have to work together to defeat the much larger models. Continuing the models theme, you also play in a variety of locations including a pool table, model makers workshop, and also scenes from the series including the Moon.

Check out the latest Gundam Breaker video below…

Gundam Breaker screenshots
Gundam Breaker namco bandai ps3 vita 2

Gundam Breaker namco bandai ps3 vita 1

Gundam Breaker has only been announced for Japan on the Playstation 3 and PS Vita with a release date of June 27, 2013. Gundam Breaker is being developed and published by Namco Bandai. We’d really like to see this one come out in the US.

Gundam Breaker official site (JP)

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