VR Treadmill let’s you walk around in the world of Skyrim

skyrim vr treadmill 2

With devices like the Oculus’ Rift coming out, Skyrim fan’s must be excited to get to walk around and look around in the game. “Virtual reality is the future.” That’s what Virtuix says; and it looks like they’re dead set on it. Check out this very cool video of someone playing Skyrim on a virtual reality, multidirectional treadmill. The head tracking looks decent, and the walking looks impressive.… [ Read More... ]

From the Co-Creator of Counter-Strike: Tactical Intervention

Counter-Strike is a great game and many still play it. Heck, we even recommended it recently in our “Top 5 Cheap Online Multiplayer FPS” list. Well, get ready for the next level. It’s called Tactical Intervention and it’s being made by one of the creators of Counter-Strike. Did we mention it looks awesome? Yeah, it’s a lot like Counter-Strike except way more modern and really action packed. … [ Read More... ]

Really cool NES case mod looks like a Famicom but better

Really cool NES case mod looks like a Famicom but better

Reddit user MandiocaGamer posted an image of his latest console case mod. It’s an NES that’s been gutted to have the colors of the Famicom (the NES in Japan). In addition to that, he also made a sky roof in the middle that allows you to see what game is being played. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a cool glowing red light to top it off.

It … [ Read More... ]