Cover Art: Golden Axe The Duel (Sega Saturn)

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Golden Axe The Duel is a 2D fighter based on the Golden Axe series. It was first released in arcades in ’94 and then the Sega Saturn in ’95.  It was developed internally by Sega’s AM1 studio, which later became Wow Entertainment. They developed the core Golden Axe series, Altered BeastThe House of the Dead series and other key Sega arcade franchises. They’re now known as Sega Wow.

Golden Axe The Duel cover art

Golden Axe The Duel is one of those barely known hidden gems. It also shows how good Sega was back in the day. The fighting system in this game feels a bit like a cross between King of Fighters 98 and Samurai Showdown 3. The controls are excellent which is part of what makes it so good. Definitely one to buy if you own a Saturn.

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