Guilty Gear XX AC Plus R gets US release date & price for the PS Vita

One of the most popular 2D fighting games of all time is making it’s way to the Playstation Vita in it’s most up to date and arcade perfect form. Guilty Gear XX AC Plus R, which so far has only been released in japanese arcades (yes, they still exist there) and the japanese Playstation Vita last month. Arc System Works USA announced it via twitter in a rather unusual form, but it is announced none the less. Guilty Gear XX AC Plus R’s release date is April 23, 2013 for the Playstation Vita. It will cost $14.99 as a downloadable game on PSN. Arc System Works USA also said that there is “no date for EU right now.”

Check out the Guilty Gear XX AC Plus R Vita trailer below…

Guilty Gear XX AC Plus R screenshots

Guilty Gear X Official Site (JP)


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