Nintendo reveals a “whopping” 8 titles for it’s Wii U Virtual Console launch

The quotes indicated sarcasm for those that didn’t understand. Nintendo of America just announced the first 8 titles to be published on the Wii U’s Virtual Console. This game list and service come as a long delayed and needed feature for Nintendo’s fledgling mid-generation console.

Here is the Wii U Virtual Console launch line-up

Balloon Fight
Donkey Kong Jr
Ice Climber
Kirby’s Adventure
Super Mario World

Nintendo also released this “sizzle reel” for the Wii U’s virtual console launch…

Despite being eagerly awaited, Nintendo’s core fans (the forgotten) are disappointed with the limited selection of games to say the least. The issue is not that the games announced for the Wii U VC are bad, but simply that there aren’t enough. Especially if you consider that the Wii U has a struggling game library, the Virtual Console is a cheap and easy way for Nintendo to keep gamers at bay. Especially if you consider that Nintendo’s entire NES and SNES library are freely available online for free via emulation with enhanced graphics, save states, and playable on mobile devices. Basically, Nintendo’s fans are complaining that they’ve not been given enough stuff to buy. It is unknown how Nintendo will react to it’s loyal, yet disappointed fan base.

So yeah, 8 games.


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