Super Mario Crossover 3 joins Mario, Mega Man, Castlevania, Metroid, Zelda & more in one epic game

Super Mario Crossover 3

In yet another shining example of why fan communities are awesome, The Exploding Rabbit has announced their next project: Super Mario Crossover 3.0. It crosses the paths of various NES classics like Super Mario BrosMetroid, Legend of Zelda, Blaster Master and Castlevania in one giant Super Mario style game. This goes beyond just being a simple hack, rather it’s a full game epic with brand new power ups and gameplay.

Check out the preview trailer for Super Mario Crossover 3

Super Mario Crossover 3 will feature characters from various NES games and it’s levels are being modeled after Super Mario Bros. Special as explained by Jay Pavlina, owner of Exploding Rabbit

Finally, we’re going to have more levels. We decided to take the levels from an obscure Mario game called Super Mario Bros. Special. It is a pretty weird game that even has some new items and enemies. Playing the game is an absolute nightmare because it’s on an old Japanese computer and it has many technical limitations. Now that it’s playable in SMBC, it can finally be enjoyed like other Mario games.”

You can play the previous version SMC on the Exploding Rabbit website. It’s quite fun and impressive how each game’s various elements were incorporated. Super Mario Crossover 3 looks to be even more ambitious.

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