Coming Soon: New focus & New exclusive stories

bsmh update has existed for about 3 years now. From it’s humble beginnings as a retro gaming news aggregator it eventually evolved into the core gamer news and editorial site it is now. However, while our coverage has been fairly detailed and accurate, we feel it’s impossible for an operation our size to keep up with other gaming news sites which have more than 1 editor/writer and 2 part time writers. This week will act as transitional phase into our new format which will focus on high quality original content. We will begin producing 100% original features on upcoming games, retro gaming analysis, developer interviews, and opinion pieces. To keep things interesting and varied, we will also include sections for quick entertainment including gaming box art, cosplay, and lists. Furthermore, we will continue to publish articles which serve as resources to gamers such as PC system requirement articles. Finally, we understand that keeping up to date on the latest gaming news is important to gamers, so we will also have a news ticker which will give you headlines and links to stay up to date with whats happening.

It is our hope that this will provide readers with more entertaining and unique content, but also the latest possible news. We are currently working on these changes in the back-end and will slowly roll them out this week.

Thanks for your patience. Staff

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