May 032013

Former Team Ninja head and star game designer Tomonobu Itagaki recently celebrated his birthday with the staff of his company, Valhalla Game Studios. A picture was posted on the official Valhalla Game Studios website with a message that indicated the much anticipated action game, Devil’s Third, is still in the works.

Devils Third Valhalla Game Studios

The exact message posted said…

“We held a ‘hanami’ party in celebration of the birthday of our CTO, Tomonobu Itagaki, the other day.
Under the flag of Valhalla, a number of people have gathered from all over the world. They sometimes clash with each other, enhance each other and appreciate each other: such scenes are our usual days in the studio.
Please do look forward to our new challenge, DEVIL’S THIRD!”

This news comes after THQ’s closure and the Devil’s Third IP being returned to Valhalla Game Studios.

Check out the Devil’s Third trailer from E3 2011

Valhalla Game Studios Official Site

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  1. nice!but is coming to pc?

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